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This is a community dedicated to the brainstorming/discussion of… - Science is Awesome

Glass Half Full posting in Creativity+Fun+Science=Good
User: sciencesquad (posted by glass_half_full)
Date: 2006-10-27 13:18
Subject: (no subject)
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This is a community dedicated to the brainstorming/discussion of ideas regarding a new science tv (or rather, you-tube) show for children.  We've got ideas, we're creative, let's do this!
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Universal Machine: hyper-necker-cube
User: 0mniscient
Date: 2006-10-27 20:49 (UTC)
Subject: Not a member, not close enough to help, but...
First, do you have anyone for nifty CG? Those can make or break certain demonstrations, as you'll have an awfully hard time showing the scales several things work on otherwise. Lack of CG will stick you with flash-bang science, or 3-2-1 Contact's "this is how math can be used in silly, memorable situations".

Second, youtube will give you ten minutes, tops, and you'd be smart to write for less than that so you have some cushion. I usually get upset with people who take all of "science" as one lump sum. Pick one specific principle you think can be interesting over seven or so minutes and work around that. Think skits, and you should do well.

And third, uhm, think skits. You'll have more fun making this, and people will have more fun watching it, if the science is hidden behind pure cheese. If you have to set a mood, it might help to open or close things with simple science jokes in costume form.

(As a not-quite-a-point, you might have an easier time if you focused more on pure math than you did science in general. Pure math can be easier to illustrate than the reason behind many scientific principles.)
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